*New Pair* Kong Reinforced OEM ZR1 intercooler Bricks

*New Pair* Kong Reinforced OEM ZR1 intercooler Bricks

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Includes a brand new pair of OEM ZR1 LS9 bricks with our reinforcement process already completed. 

The ZR1 factory intercoolers, also known as the "bricks" have been proven to do a great job when it comes to cooling, but there is one area where they fall short, which is durability. When over spinning the LS9 supercharger past what the car was capable of doing from the factory, these intercooler bricks will start to come apart over time. This is due to a plate failure occurring on bottom side of the intercooler bricks. The failure is due to the brick getting hit with direct heat from the discharge port of the supercharger, which it cannot handle for extended periods of time. This damage will expose the coolant passages in the intercooler and will eventually lead to coolant pouring into one side of the motor. This could cause a lifted head or even a cracked block which we have seen many times. 

After seeing countless brick failures, we wanted something that was bullet proof enough to handle the heaviest abuse we could possibly throw at it, so we came up with the unique double stacked plate design that provides more than 8 times the thickness of the factory brick. After 30-40 half mile passes with a very aggressive 2.175" / 14% pulley combo on our Kong Performance shop ZR1, the bricks are still undamaged and running strong!

If you are spinning your ZR1 supercharger ANY faster than stock, we highly recommend this modification.